8/19 & 8/20
  • Discuss History Context, Academic Vocabulary, and the writing process
    • Complete handout over pgs. 4-17 in small groups.
  • Notes over Creation Myth
  • Read "The World on a Turtle's Back" pgs. 36-44
  • Complete Text Analysis/Reading strategies handouts.

  • Read pgs. 26-27 "The Native American Experience"
  • Discuss Essential questions and "The World on a Turtle's Back."
  • Take notes over Historical Context section of Unit 1
  • Quiz over Historical Context section MONDAY.

  • Discuss short, constructed reponse
  • Open Note Historical Context Quiz: Unit 1
  • Complete Vocabulary Study and Vocabulary practice handouts.
  • Be prepared to share vocabulary paragraphs with class tomorrow.

  • Share short, constructed response.
  • Discuss memoir, pilgrimage, and sensory/figurative language
  • Read excerpt from "The Way to Rainy Mountain" pg. 54-62
  • Complete reading check handout for next time.

8/26 & 8/27
  • MAP testing.
  • Notes over Primary and Secondary Sources link.

  • Vocabulary activity
  • Notes/discussion of "La Relacion"
  • Read "La Relacion" pgs. 72-78
  • Complete Selection Test A

  • Affect vs Effect activity
  • Discuss/turn in "La Relacion" assignment
  • Read and discuss Smith and Bradford texts and complete small group analysis of both primary sources.
  • Be prepared to discuss both texts tomorrow.

  • Open note quiz over works and skills studied.
  • Discuss Puritan background info, read "Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God" (pg 122)
  • Complete discussion questions and imagery assignment. Be prepared to share imagery assignment Monday.

  • Review and discuss Puritans and share imagery assignments from "Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God."
  • Read and discuss puritan poems.

9/9 - 9-10
  • Open the document below and follow the links (and the directions) within the document. You may help each other with the research portions, but everyone MUST have their own copy of the document.

  • Note over American Drama
  • The Crucible pre-reading discussion/videos
  • Choose roles
  • For Monday, define hysteria and crucible.

  • Small group discussion activity
  • Thesis statement practice
  • Write your own thesis statement based on the following prompt:
    • Think about the social and political conditions of the time during which Arthur Miller was writing The Crucible. In what ways has looking through this historical lens colored your understanding of the play? As you analyze the play and the events of Miller’s life, support your thesis with information from the articles you read, videos we watched in class, and details from the play.

  • Be prepared to share/discuss your thesis statement with Mrs. Coulter next time.

  • Discuss thesis statements and outlines with Mrs. Coulter today.
  • Begin writing rough draft today.
  • You may use any of the following as source material for this essay.

  • Finish Revolutionary Artwork Presentations.
  • Finish notes over Persuasive Rhetoric and Argument. HINT: There will be an OPEN NOTE quiz over this information tomorrow.
  • Be prepared to discuss your Scarlet Letter Pre-Reading Activity tomorrow.